Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Iota at Florida Atlantic University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential New Members,

As Alpha Xi Delta’s Membership Vice President, I want to personally congratulate you on getting accepted into Florida Atlantic University and welcome you to our Theta Iota chapter of Alpha Xi Delta! Sorority recruitment is such a great experience and I am so glad you are interested in it, so I want to share with you my amazing experience with Alpha Xi Delta.

Going into college is a very exciting yet nerve-racking time, therefore I couldn’t wait to go through formal recruitment and find a home away from home. From the beginning I already started to find women I related to and looked up to. Throughout the week you talk to so many amazing women and find the ones you can really see yourself spending the next four years with. Bid day is a day unlike no other, you finally get to run home to your new sisters and the women you will be lucky enough to do life with. I ran to home to women in Alpha Xi Delta that were so inspiring and welcoming, and I could not wait to be a part of something so special.

Throughout formal recruitment I saw my own values align with Alpha Xi Delta’s values of sisterhood, service, leadership and knowledge. To this day they have held true and I’ve found women who share them with me but are all unique in amazing and inspiring ways. Alpha Xi Delta’s mission statement of “Inspiring women to realize their potential” has resonated with me throughout the entire four years in this sorority. These women have pushed me from the start to be the best I can be and saw things in me I didn’t even see in myself yet. I am so grateful for that and the countless experiences I gained after going through recruitment and joining my sorority. I will take these lessons and friendships with me long past college and that is priceless. My hope is that when you go through formal recruitment you find what I have found in Alpha Xi Delta.


Best, XOXI

Kaitlyn Parisi

Membership Vice President